The Shades Of Gray By Ruta Sepetys Essay

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Historical fiction. A two letter word a genre that wasn’t my style. I decided to read Between Shades Of Gray written by Ruta Sepetys, because of all the miraculous books reviews I have read on good reads. At first, I was worried, I’m the type of girl that reads books that are meant to teach a lesson, books that will change my life, I thought to myself how will Between Shades Of Gray change me? I have never been more amiss about a genre in my life. Between Shades Of Gray ultimately made me into a better and more well rounded person. Here is why.
Between Shades Of Gray is following around fifteen year old Lina who is a Lithuanian girl in the year 1941. Lina was enthusiastic about many things including but not limited to painting, drawing, and of course boys. Until one night when Soviet officers came into the home, where Lina and her family live in comfort.
Linas father was grievously separated and seated onto an exceedingly filled and filthy public transportation vehicle, the family and Lina traveled north. This novel is ultimately about Stalin’s orders. This book is unbelievable because it brings these unknown histories out of the dark. Lina found herself in art. Lina documented the events at the work camp by drawing in hopes that these messages would find her father.
My constructive criticism for this novel would be that this read is definitely not for everyone. I found myself crying while reading this novel, reading about how horribly the NKVD officers treated these…

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