The Security Threats Affecting Smes Essay

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So, what are the main security threats affecting SMEs and what defences could be put in place to eliminate or minimise these threats?
First we need to ask if there is a problem regarding security against SMEs and if so how large is this problem?
Looking at the BIS ISBS 2015 we can clearly see a worrying increase in breaches when compared to the slight decrease that was reported in the surveys report of 2014. 74% of small businesses reported a breach in 2015 up from 60% a year ago. (BIS, 2015)
Of these breaches reported the average cost of a small business breach is also up from last year from £65,000 - £115,000 to £75,000 - £311,000. So not only is the frequency of breaches up, so is the average financial impact.
So we’re aware that there is a problem however, what specifically are the main threats impacting SMEs?
Malware or viruses taking the top spot at 63% of small business respondents reporting they had been impacted in some shape or form, worryingly up 18% from the previous year. (BIS, 2015)
Number two was any form of attack by an unauthorised outsider at 35%, excluding hacking attempts, again staying true to the trend up 2% from last year.
Three, other incidents caused by staff at 27% up from 22% and four, theft or fraud involving computers at 6% down from 10% notably the only category that has been consistently on the down trend from 16 to 10 to 6%.
So now the four main impacts have been identified what can be done to combat the risk?
If we look at how respondents…

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