Case Study Wolftech

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The Woftech is the company their business energy sector they have many business branches in UK, central Europe and china their main office is located in Wolverhampton there are 85 employees working in their business. Their currently facing problems with IT security provision and business continuity their company using operating system such as Windows 7 and Windows XP senior staff using mobile and iPads to access to email their website is hosted by external hosting company.
The threats is human error or malicious that can be internal or external that impacts organization security this will happen in organization due poor planning, lack of policies and the lack of IT security the threats we can divide into to accidental and deliberate
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By doing risk assessment can identify the risk types and analyze the potential risk which can affect the organization can rank the risk medium high or low.
Based on the Wolftech case study their doing business energy sector in home and overseas they should consider the risk areas and take action to prevent currently they are facing problems areas IT security and business continuity there more some other areas might consider the areas such as
• The company should identify the risk which can happen inside the organization like internal access to the system unauthorized use because of this compromise the confidentiality
• The company should identify the external risk like the staff use remote access to access to email so should monitor because due to this system compromise and unauthorized access can happen so might risk confidential information can be
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The company website hosted by external hosting company so should consider be protect from hackers and unauthorized people strong security must because unauthorized people can steal company confidential information and make changes so the impact is high so administrator setup permission to access to staff and employees restricted to the unauthorized people. Using different operating system Windows 7 and Windows XP so there possibilities to attack the operating system by malware and system compromise so system failure and company sensitive information could be lost so these should consider so operating system are maintained support

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