The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir Essay

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As human beings we are social by nature. Societies thought time, and geographic location, religious believes and other variables differed from one another. In most of our current societies there is a fixed image and role for men and women, and having characteristics that does not fit in one’s fixed sexuality makes that person feel abnormal and sometimes these people are threated less than humans. Simone de Beauvoir a very remarkable feminist talks about her point of view about women’s life throughout history and in the modern society. She blames men and women for the current treatment of women. She says that men has suppressed and abused women form many centuries, but all this happen because women allowed all this to happen. In her book The Second Sex, she explained all that creates a men and a women, biological differences, that are not the ones to blame for the social place for women in society; at the same time she explains how women were oppressed, but instead of doing something about it, most of the time they surrender to their role in society. This is why the blame of the oppression in not just form one gender or the other, but from both one for allowing it and the other for perpetrating it. Women are not the only gender oppressed. Our current society stigmatized anyone who does not fulfill His or Her gender role in society. Jan Morris, a very famous writer was first known as James Morris his name before his sex reassignment. He wrote a book in which she explains…

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