The Second Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century Essay

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The second industrial revolution occurred around the time of the early nineteenth and twentieth century. The second industrial revolution was mainly a growth period and time for our world. A lot of inventions that were created and recognized during this time are still very beneficial to a lot of people in this new day and age. The second industrial revolution made things way easier than it did before it was a huge change that took over a lot of things and people but it was for the better. The second industrial revolution focused mainly on electricity seeing as though electricity replaced steam, steam was one of the major power sources during the first revolution until electricity came about. A lot of changes started to take place from cars, the use of gas, and anything else you could think of to use electricity for. A lot of things improved the way we communicate the second industrial revolution was basically an electrical revolution seeing as though a lot of things came behind the use of it whether it was positive or negative.
The first industrial revolution had steam to be the main source for a lot of things that had changed and taken place throughout the world during that time steam came about. The second industrial revolution came about in the early nineteenth and twentieth century brining another huge source to the world and that source was electricity. When electricity came about that basically put the use of steam out the picture no one had to use it anymore, everyone…

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