Essay on The Second Cec Initial Preparation Standard

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The fifth CEC initial preparation standard is about instructional planning and strategies, which, like the fourth standard, is also under the focal theme: instructional pedagogy (Council for Exceptional Children, 2012). This standard requires initial-level special education teachers to learn to adapt and use instructional strategies, technology-based or not, according to students’ abilities, interests, learning environments, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and IEP or transition plans in order to improve students’ learning. I believe that the courses, SPED 5365 Instructional Processes with Exceptional Children and SPED 5366 Modification of Curriculum and Instruction for the Atypical Learner meet this standard.
SPED 5365 Instructional Processes with Exceptional Children (Fall 2014) SPED 5365 Instructional Processes with Exceptional Children equips students with a “competency in developing educational strategies for the remediation, amelioration, or compensation of exceptionality as it interferes with achievement or adjustment in school” (Lamar University, 2014, p. 1). I learned many practical strategies for teaching special education students from reading our assigned text, Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs by Polloway, Patton, Serna, and Bailey (2013). I enjoyed completing my simulation case study assignments that allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge and skills in instructional planning and strategies. I was able to complete family and student…

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