The Search For Middle Ground By J. Samuel Walker Essay

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1. In one to two paragraphs, summarize the secondary source for which you completed the Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet in learning block 2-4. Focus on the secondary source’s thesis, arguments, use of primary sources, potential biases, reliability, and usefulness to a beginning researcher.
In the article, the Search for Middle Ground written by J. Samuel Walker, the author J. Samuel Walker addresses a chronically and fueled debate between many well-known scholars about Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb. The argument debated between the older interpretation of the traditionalist and newer evidence brought to light by the revisionist 's scholars. Some of the fiercest debates raised by the revisionist were pulled from primary sources such as documents, memorandums from Truman’s library, the records of National Articles, and even from the library of George C. Marshall, who is well known for the economic recovery program known as the Marshall plan. One example that the revisionist researched were many documentaries that showed Japan was ready to surrender before the bomb was dropped. Even according to one of the primary sources cited from a Gar Alperovitz’s article was a statement from Japan Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo declaring that “as long as England and the United States insist on unconditional surrender the Japanese have no alternative but to fight” (Walker, 2005). Today the revisionists still debate and condemned the President and his men for disregarding…

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