Essay about The Scientific Revolution Changed Culture And Society

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The scientific revolution changed culture and society as a whole. The medieval times philosopher’s ideas were centered around religion and superstition. The scientific revolution philosophers were centered around empiricism and skepticism. The renaissance laid the foundation for the scientific revolution. The world needed this change because with the new aspects and innovation that the renaissance brought, lots of cultural norms had to be broken. Through inventions and discoveries the knowledge of the average person was raised, the church lost its hold over Europe, and political and economic systems changed.
With the invention of the printing press, more people were literate through reading their bibles creating more people who would not blindly accept the teachings and views or the church. Skepticism during the scientific revolution focused on a highly believed thought; the idea of a god was a view that philosophers during this time tried to solve. Instead of blatantly following ancient authority, scientists conducted their own experiments and observations. Empiricism, a theory born of the scientific revolution states all knowledge comes from experience. This theory spurred scientists to start experimenting to create experience to find the truth. The Royal society also sparked experimentation with the saying, “on the word of no man”. Tangible evidence was needed to help the 16th and 17th century scientists obtain true knowledge. The renaissance brought emphasis on the…

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