The Scientific Revolution By Thomas Kuhn

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The beginning of the seventeenth century would become later known as the “Scientific Revolution”, for the drastic changes that occurred, in the sciences of European countries during that time period. The word “revolution” which depicts a time of uprisings and great change in society is akin the drastic change that occurred during the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Scientific Revolution is a historians’ way of summing up a slew of historical phenomenon and developments that were not all directly related to each other. When the time of Scientific Revolution came about the medieval philosophy that the scientific community had for so long abide by would be replaced with new methods proposed by the minds of people like Isaac Newton, Galileo, …show more content…
The book inspired by the subject of his previous book, The Copernican revolution and the following events. Kuhn developed a theory established upon the nature of scientific progress which he based upon the profound advancements which signal a paradigm shift. Kuhn was an American physicist, historian and philosopher in the sciences. Kuhn’s main following contained philosophers and sociologists of science whose primary are was understanding the nature of scientific advancements and modernism. All that was required to bring upon the period of the Scientific Revolution was educated scholars, who were using the knowledge gained by artisans from the Renaissance who had discovered accurate and detailed knowledge of the physical world. A stimulus that could have also brought about this period is the economic capitalism from the Renaissance period. Nonetheless is certain that the scholars of the time period began shifting their attention to the work of technical artisans of the

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