The Scientific Reasoning Theory

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Arjana Zyka
Scientific Reasoning class
Essay #1
During the lecture time of the Scientific Reasoning Class, I remembered my four years old brother who believed that the dad gave birth to him, because he had a big belly. Well, the four years old scientist did a prediction based on an observed fact. It wasn’t so easy to change his belief, because the young boy still couldn’t understand the act of sex between a man and a woman, the sperm and the ovaries, the embryo`s conception and his nine-month life in the mother`s womb. It was so hard to convince him that the mothers bear children. Someway, it is hard to make people to believe in the evolutionary theory, because of the religious scripture, human complex of inferiority and the lack of the enough evidences.
The religions are the historical opponents of the revolution theory. Many great scientists were or are at the same time theologians, or at least believing Christians. And yet, clashes between church and science have a centuries-long tradition. Recently, Pope Francisco has declared that the Evolution and Big Bang Theory are real and God is not a magician. (
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There is a lack on evidence of the fossil’s transitional forms, which are the major study material of the human evolution`s history. As a consequence, the human origin is not for sure from the apes. The new archeological discoveries often reject one part of a theory and form new hypothesis. The frequent changes make it incredible for many people. In addition to that, there are many other questions with no answer. The evolution theory has failed to answer, where all the elements comes from, how is emerging life from non-life material, where the human emotions come from, how are developed the human organs etc. There are so many question marks within the evolution theory. Therefore, it looks suspicious in the eyes of the

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