The Schools Should Receive The Same Amount Of Government Funding

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There have been stories about the school systems in the united states that have been changing students grades to passing grades and teachers passing students. Schools in the united states have been struggling with teaching students because of the lack of funds some schools have acquired. The schools either do not have enough good teachers to teach the students or the schools do not have great up to date books to help the students learn. All schools should receive the same amount of government funding. All schools should receive the same amount of government funding to apply great books for children and teachers. The textbooks that are in some schools are so old that the curriculum is too old and isn’t important anymore for the students to learn. Also, the books are so old that the students aren’t grasping the information in them because the book isn’t interesting. First, Children need new books so that way they aren’t learning old curriculum. Second, Great up to date textbooks are excellent teaching aids for the teachers. Third, textbooks are a good resource for both teachers and students. New textbooks need to be in schools because in these new textbooks they have so many colorful pictures and charts that catch the student’s attention and make them remember the information that is in bright colors. Also, textbooks have key points and words that helps the students and teachers learn or retain what’s important. There are even some teachers in schools that don’t know how to…

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