Essay on The School Of Prison Pipeline

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Describe a Case The school to prison pipeline is a societal issue. The school to prison pipeline is also an issue in the field of social work as well. My case is based from Wilson article, (2014), Turning off the School-to-Prison Pipeline. As a social worker, I will encounter many situations regarding adolescents having difficulties staying in school. The alarming factor of the school to prison pipeline is the disparity between racial groups, specifically black students. Wilson article discusses many issues with the school to prison pipeline and solutions. Research suggests that community interventions are the best solution to the school to prison pipeline (Wilson, 2014). For example, training teachers on different cultures and backgrounds, creating a positive environment, support of the community, involvement of parents, and youth engagement (Wilson, 2014).
Formulate a Question There were many questions regarding the school to prison pipeline problem. My initial question was: what factors contribute to student suspension? As I did my research I began to have concerns with the disparities within racial groups. My final question is: what factors contribute to students of color getting suspended at a higher rate than other racial groups?
Search for research I utilize Michigan State University 's online database to obtain articles regarding the school to prison pipeline; the sources I used frequently was ProQuest. During my search I used key words such as: (1)…

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