The Scars Of Colonialism, But The Rain And The Film `` Romero ``

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The Scars of Colonialism Humanities 351 has taught me a lot about the world I live in today. As a student and citizen of this complex world, I never realized how much colonialism has affected our world and even our country as a whole. Colonialism seemed like such a distant concept to me before this course, but it is quite clear that the scars colonialism has left are still affecting the world today. Colonialism and the colonial impulse are technically “dead”, but it has greatly affected the world in the past, and it’s concepts clearly permeated through time and have caused a rift in the world today that we haven’t been able to shake. I will explore this thesis further by examining and creating parallels between the past and present world. I will use our numerous classroom materials to examine the connections between early European colonial impulse and how it has affected the modern world through Joan Didion’s “Salvador”, “Even the Rain” and the film “Romero”. I will than examine how racism stemmed from colonialism by looking at Joseph Conrad’s “Heart and Darkness” and connecting this to the film “The House I Live In” and “White People”. Finally I will try and conclude my thesis by wrapping these ideas together to create a stronger base for my thesis. Colonialism is like a disease that has never left society’s system, but if we want to better ourselves and our world we need to examine its effects on the past and our present world. To better understand colonial impulses I…

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