Essay on The Salmon Of Salmon And Salmon

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Salmon fishing has always been a semi-reliant source of food for natives in all parts of Alaska for centuries. The prosperity of the salmon in these areas has been necessary to the survival and prosperity of Alaska 's ancient and current inhabitants. The debate on salmon in this reason is often surrounding two main questions: Why are the salmon populations flourishing, and why are they not in other areas of the united states. These questions and more can be answered not by looking at current ecological occurrences, but looking deep into the past, into antique recordings of catches of Alaskan fishers of the 1200 's.

From researching why at times there is growth in salmon population, I found that it is closely linked to weather patterns. In fact, consistently there has almost always been one good year of salmon production, and one bad year. What researchers found when looking into the history of salmon yields going back to year 1200 in Alaska is that there is not only yearly cycles of boosts in salmon yields but also 20 to 80 year boosts in salmon yields. When comparing the salmon yields to ocean charts and currents a pattern emerged. Boosts in salmon production were closely linked to changes in certain ocean currents and wind patterns. The climate pattern I am speaking of is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and has been found to govern salmon prosperity for as long as it has been being researched. Recently however evidence has shown that these decadal weather patterns are…

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