Essay on The Sales Culture At Trickford

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The sales culture at Trickford is more collectivism than that of Samuel Jones Ltd, which is more individualist. From the case study, the conversation between David and Romano reveals that there is an existing conflict at the newly formed company especially because most of the employees who worked with Trickford, also because of the actions or rather due to the way Romano handle his tasks at the company. From the expenses to the time spent at the typist and photocopy as well as the time of report writing, there is a conflict of interests. Certain people even have problems with the way Romano has painted his car and the fact that Romano disappears on Fridays and does not report at the office on time that is 8:30 in the morning. According to David Courtney, Romano arrives after 9:00 and some company employees have problems with the same.
The performance or the outcome of the two types of sales cultures is clearly evident in the annual sales figures prior to the acquisition of Jones. Apparently, Trickford’s sales figures were quite high compared to that of Samuel Jones Ltd. With 230 employees, Trickford Flexible Products made 12 million dollars while with nearly half of the number of employees, Samuel Jones Ltd made only $4.5 million. Although it would be almost illogical to judge the figures from this perspective, with 220 employees, perhaps Samuel Jones Ltd would make annual sales of only $9 million which is still very low compared to that of Trickford.
However, the collective…

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