The Sale of Human Organs Essay

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Karra Bryant
ENG 1020-011
Mrs. Shiner-Swanson
Final Research Paper
The Sale of Human Organs In the US recently the issue of human organ trafficking has become a bigger and bigger problem. When people hear that human organs are being bought and sold on the black market, they think that kind of thing only happens in third world countries, but it is quickly becoming one of America's biggest issues. People spend years of their lives on the transplant list waiting for a life saving operation, and they think that if they just buy whatever they need, it will solve all their problems. What most people don’t understand is how corrupt and dangerous organ trafficking is. The sale of human organs either facilitated through a doctor or on the
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The recipient held my wife's neck and pushed her towards the wall. My wife's forehead was cut and blood started dripping from it. I caught her and placed her in a chair. The recipient's elder son closed the door and locked it. He brought a long stick and started beating me up. He threatened me that if I ever came to their place again, he would kill me. I feared for my life. He then threw 2,000 Taka [$30] at us. I did not take it at first, but he forced me to do so. They told us to leave and slammed and locked the door in our faces. We went to the train station and cursed them over the phone, saying that everything would be destroyed for them" (Moniruzzaman).
Mofiz was describing his experience after he had his kidney removed and sold, and was trying to collect his payment. Him and his wife were brutally beat up, and forced out without collecting his payment for his kidney.
Poverty is the main reason that people sell their organs in the first place. Most of the organs that are being sold come from third world countries where people, mostly men, are willing to go through the surgery to support their families. The surgeries that are done when organs are taken out are unsanitary, done by unlicensed “doctors” and are done in the cheapest way possible. Patients who sell their organs are left with gruesome

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