The Rwandan Genocide And The Tutsi People Essay

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The Rwandan Genocide refers to the systematically performed mass murders of the Tutsi people by their longstanding rivals the Hutu, in which approximately 1 million Tutsi people were killed in a quick and brutal manner by the predominant Hutu government. For as long as history in Rwanda has been recorded, there has always been a long standing feud between the Hutu (85% of the population) and the Tutsi (13% of the population) because of disputes about the Tutsi’s true origins and their distinctly different physical features. Biologist Meghan Appel, “There is no biological evidence of different races, there are millions of cultural differences, and they identify themselves as different races.” (Appel 1) According to the Hutu, the Tutsi aren 't true Rwandans, because rumor tells it that the Tutsi are actually Ethiopian descendents that came to Rwanda in attempt to colonize it. Whether these statements are true or not is not known, but these rumors fuel the hatred between the Tutsi and the Hutu. The Tutsi are physically much different than the Hutu. While the Hutu are short and stocky, the Tutsi are tall and slender, similar to Ethiopian Natives, and these physical comparisons further the Hutu despise for their counterparts. The Hutu people wanted a fully united nation all under one ethnicity, and the Tutsi were getting in the way of that. European colonization, however may have caused a bigger conflict between the Hutu and the Tutsi. At the Berlin Conference, Rwanda was…

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