The Russian System And The Soviet System Essay

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This is a new era for the Russian criminal Justice system in which it has been transformed from a judicial system in which it was dominated and manipulated by the Communist Party and has now evolved it to a system that is slightly more democratic, but still dominated by the ruling party. The Russian system has made great strides in creating a system after the fall of the USSR. The Russian system and the American system both follow their respective constitutions and other laws that provide to their Justice system, but because each constitution is different certain laws, powers, and other limitations are different. The Basis of both constitutions are nearly identical even though they were created half a world away. The establishment of a three branch system and its use for a governmental framework helps compare these two. There is a big difference in both the American and the Russian constitutions that provide different perceptions on how each views itself. Both need to have their Presidents to be elected by a nationwide popular vote, “but while the American contains a detailed description of the powers (and the limitations on the power) of Congress, it devotes very little space to defining the authority of the president. The Russian, on the other hand, contains a lengthy description of the powers of the president and very little description of the authority of the Parliament.” (Mannheimer) This is mostly likely do to the fact that throughout most of Russian history power…

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