Russia Case Study

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TrackIt has shown interest into expanding into the global market. Russia is a country that has caught the attention of the company. Russia is a promising country, but there are barriers that will have to be discussed first. First, the weather in Russia is known to be cold. The sticker has not been tested at the extreme colds of Russia. The sticker is made to be weather-proof, but this does not protect the electronics on inside from the temperature. Batteries, chips, and other circuitry items do not do well in extremely high and low temperature areas. They will still operate, but the life expectancy will significantly drop. Another barrier to consider is the target market. In 2013 only 25% of Russians own smartphones. The app to operate
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The first way will be via-internet. The internet will allow anyone to purchase the device. Internet purchasing is limiting the market even more. This limits it to people who are actually looking for the item plus people who have internet excess. This is not a productive way to market our item. Marketing in superstores is the other way of marketing that was discussed. Supercenter, like Target, is a great place to house TrackIt. It offers a name brand location and sells similar items. Marketing through super stores is a long process, but in the long run will be worth it. If the company was to choose only one of the two marketing ways, supercenters would be the way, but the company plans to market TrackIt in both location. They both have positives and negatives, but together it increases the target …show more content…
The sticker is designed to be weather-proof, not temperature-proof. The sticker will first have to be tested to see if the temperature affects the electronics. If the temperature effects the electronics, then the electronics will need to be insulated. Other than the temperature effect the product, nothing else on the product will need to be changed. TrackIt was originally designed to meet interest of a large amount of people. Meaning it could be used universally.
TrackIt is a unique product that has limited competition. The competition is the U.S. is Bluetooth operate. Bluetooth makes the tracking capability weaker than TrackIt. Bluetooth operated devices will not last in Russia, due to the fact that only 25% of Russians have smartphones. Bluetooth has to be compatible with a separate device. It can be paired with laptops and other devices, but most common is the smartphone. If only a quarter of the population of Russia has a smartphone to sync the Bluetooth device to, then their market will not be a competition for TrackIt.
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