The Russian Revolution: The Causes Of The Crimean War

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The Crimean war it was between France, Russia and Britain all of them were competing for influence in the Middle East especially with turkey. The cause for this war was due to religion the Russians wanted control of access to the religious holy sites which caused tension between catholic France and orthodox Russian. Then began the rioting of Bethlehem which was in 1853 a number of orthodox monks were killed during a fight against French monks. The general of Russia Tsar blamed the Turks for these deaths. Then Russia started war with turkey the Russian army crossed the river Pruth into Moldavia. Then, on November 4 1853 destroyed the Turkish fleet at Sinope on turkeys black sea coast sinking seven ships. Afterwards, the French and the British responded quickly to the attack causing the Russians to lose the war and starts to destroy the Russian economy.
Next, war was the Russo-Japanese war Russia wanted control of Manchuria. Russia had entered the region of Japan since 1894-95 Russia wanted them to give up the ports in Manchuria.
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This all started with the epic battles the Russians had which they lost. By losing all those wars the economy started to collapse the corruption of the government Tsar Nicholas II no caring about the citizens of Russia. Then began the riots Russia was in anarchy fighting the government a month late the Tsar step down out of position. Next, was the rise of the Bolshevik party which started another revolution to put them on top with all the power. They took over the government Lenin the leader promised the wars would stop, but it never did. Russia was in a civil war were everyone was against the red army also known as the new Bolshevik regime which killed over millions of their own citizens. The red army did it one bullet at a time. Killing their own blood at a blink of an eye. All these events lead into the rise of the communist party the Soviet

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