The Russian Revolution In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Animal Farm, a metaphorical novella by George Orwell, is an amazing book that, according to the author, reflects the events and characters from the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917 to the later, Stalinist Era. In this book the animals perform a major event that affected the farm as a whole. Similarly, in Russian history, there was a considerable event that were enacted. In Animal Farm, the animals stand up to the farm owner, Mr. Jones, by starting a revolution. The people of Russia, also, stood up to their leader, Tsar Nicholas II, by causing the Russian Revolution of 1917. In the book, Animal Farm, the animals literally dreamt up their own plan for their first major project. Its counterpart, the Russian Revolution of 1917, involved …show more content…
The Russian Revolution of 1917 was quite earlier than most had expected. One day, Mr. Jones had gone on a drinking binge and had forgotten to feed the animals. The dictator of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II, began to be self-absorbed and neglected to pay attention to the hunger spread throughout the streets of his nation. Stuck with seemingly endless hunger, the cows of the farm broke into the store shed so the animals could eat. Also, while suffering starvation, the people of Russia went rampage in the streets of Russia to protest their leader. While infused with anger, the animals begin to turn on Mr. Jones and his men and easily drive them off of the farm. Angry that their leader won’t do anything for them, the people of Russia begin to turn on their government and easily overrun the country. Awestruck by their undeniable success, the animals got rid of all evidence of humans and their subservience. The people involved in the Russian Revolution began to rid their country of the people and government of their former ruler, Tsar Nicholas II. After doing so, the animals explored their new farm and set up their own government. Similarly the people of the revolution set up their new form of government after the revolution. All in, both revolutions were major events that happened in the book, Animal Farm, and in Russian

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