The Rules Of Attraction On Psychology Essay

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The Rules of Attraction
PSYC16571GD-Principles of Psychology
Tianyun Li

In social psychology, attraction is a natural feeling that makes someone interested in another person by appealing to his or her desires and tastes. Attractiveness is the basis of all human relationships. When people say that they like or love someone, they are experiencing the attraction with another. There are few rules of attraction base on the psychology. At first, specific gender differences cause different preferences to pick a mate in relationship. In other words, male and female has different point of view about attraction. Also, non-evolutionary factors such as physical attractiveness and similarity are the way for people to get into a relationship with each other and develop it better. On the other hand, some limitations of evolutionary show the weaknesses of the theory and it will affect some non-evolutionary factors of attraction. In sum, the rules of attraction lead people to have the desire for a relationship with someone. Firstly, the rules of attraction can be classified by specific gender differences. In the other words, male and female have different preferences and most of them also affect each other in relationship. Seeking a suitable mate is the main point of the attraction between male and female. Most male needs a female who has ability to pass on their genes and produce children for them so they prefer to find a sexual partner who has attractive, young…

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