Rosseau Road Case Study

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The Rosseau Road Post Office and store closed 11 pm Tuesday, December 31, 1991. However, Francis did not have to step down as Postmaster till 1993 when he would be 65. New pollution requirements would soon force him to get new fuel tanks and pumps for the gasoline service, but that could also be delayed for a few years. However, he was no longer making a profit as his credit card sales were going down as more and more of the summer trade, for years the source of profit, was going to Parry Sound due to better roads and cottages newly enabled to store larger amounts of shopping. Also, just a short distance down the Rosseau Road towards the highway, now the Blackstone-Crane Lake Road, there was a person willing to take on the postmaster role and …show more content…
It is Mr. Castleman and his buddies needing some supplies and to get any mail for the last time. They are heading back to Virginia by train early in the day. Dutifully, Henry obliges, but distrusts this man - after all one of his cooks had disappeared a few days before and another the year before. Hence, Henry demands to be payed in cash, which is not normal Deyett protocol. Mr. Castleman pays by the stylish way of obtaining the money from the band around his hat. Henry 's early morning sleep, if he was getting any, was further disturbed by a fire the same morning, while still dark. The Mitchell-Macdonald lumber mill, that stood about 1⁄4 km west of the railway tracks, was razed.
Thursday, June 15, 1939, 3:30 pm
The first recorded fatality at the CNR crossing by Deyett 's. John Pappila, a local and well known in the small Foley Finnish community hadn 't heard the train and the train operators didn 't see him for the overgrown trees covering the crossing. On hitting his car, Mr. Pappila was thrown out of his car and killed on impact on some of the many rocks. The jury for the accident prudently recommended the removing of the trees and installing stop signs. Actual traffic lights at the railway crossing were not erected till the end of 1958.
Saturday, September 30, 1939, 7:00

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