The Root Of Suffering Musicians Essay

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The Root of Suffering Musicians Music has an undeniable, mystic power that is felt everywhere. It brings people together, creates unique environments and experiences, and creates indescribable feelings. Music is everywhere. It is in advertisements, on tv shows, on social media, at sports events, in elevators, in church and so much more. Yet left and right musicians are cheated out of money. Making money as a musician has become extremely difficult due to ad-supported online streaming, corrupt record companies, and the expectancy of free music from recent generations.
The increased popularity of ad-supported music streaming and online radio, and decreased popularity of iTunes, has robbed artists of potential revenue. Spotify, one of the most popular ad-supported music streaming websites, is a free service to those who choose to listen with ads, but a small monthly fee can be paid to listen without ads. However, Spotify pays an artist less than a penny every time a listener streams their song. On average, the artist will make about $.006 to $.008 per listen. The average artist needs about 150 Spotify song plays to make 99 cents, the average cost of an iTunes song download (Waniata). With an even amount of Spotify listeners and iTunes users, artists should be in good shape. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Spotify and other streaming websites revenue has increased drastically in 2015, while iTunes album sales dipped 13% percent (Thomson). Pandora, another…

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