Essay on The Roman Empire

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The legions of Rome, finely trained and equipped, expanded and guarded the territory of the Roman Empire. Tribute from conquered tribes and peoples filled the coffers of Rome. As the empire grew, the practice of using native levies and allies became the norm. Governors were tasked with gathering taxes and patrolling the borders to prevent incursions. A close friend of Emperor Augustus was assigned to Germania as Governor. Harsh governing led to open rebellion among Germanic tribes and a punitive military force of three legions was launched. Poor leadership decisions and treachery combined to doom the expedition which resulted in the Romans suffering a crushing defeat that ended the Germanic expansion of the Roman Empire.
In 6 AD, the new province of Germania received Publius Quinctilius Varus as it Governor. Despite being an experienced administrator, he developed a reputation for heavy taxation, arrogance, cruelty and disrespect towards the local Germanic tribes. By 9 AD, Varus spent the summer using his army of Germania Inferior in putting down a number of small rebellions along the frontier of his province. Supplementing the Roman force, were German troops from the allied Cherusci tribe led by Arminius. The German leader had spent years as a hostage in Roman, had been educated in Roman warfare theories and tactics, and eventually acquired Roman citizenship (Livius 2006). Covertly, Arminius worked to unite various German tribes to rebel against Roman rule.
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