The Roman Aristocracy During The Republic Essay examples

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The roman republican aristocratic virtues change from Republic to empire in subtle ways. These are evident with close examination in areas such as how the Roman Aristocrat thought of war and what he attempted to get out of it; holding office and the ages they could hold them and finally the way they acknowledged their superiority or inferiority to others.
To be a Roman aristocrat during the republic meant reaching a certain ideal of what the appropriate aristocrat spent his time doing. War was important to the aristocrats during the republic but for different reasons during the empire, though its importance to the Roman aristocrat remained a constant, the ideals behind it changed as will be indicated in this essay. For the roman aristocrat during the republic war was important because it was considered the pass time for young men before they reached the appropriate age to hold an office. in war they could win a triumph for exception military ability or be recognised as a good leader and general. The skills accumulated during the young aristocrat’s time spent serving in the military would then better his ability and his connections when he went on to hold offices, “the activities prescribed for the apprenticeship of the young noble before he began the career of office proper were military service and pleading in the courts.” In addition to this the spoils of war could enrich Rome and therefore enhance the lives of everyday Romans; for this reason there was special attention…

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