The Roles of Women in Death of a Salesman Essay

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In Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, women serve a variety of functions, and assume many roles. Linda, "The Woman" at the hotel in Boston, Miss Forsythe and her friend, and other women not physically present yet alluded to, influence various aspects of the play. In a previous essay, I showed the different roles Linda, "The Woman" and Miss Forsythe assumed. In my conclusion, I postulated that one unifying aspect between them is that they are all dependant on men. In this essay the aforementioned conclusion is expanded further, showing that the women in Death of a Salesman are secondary to men; specifically, they exist primarily for the male Lomans' character development. This is shown through the women's various roles as providing …show more content…
This shows that, in part, women exist in the play to reveal the Lomans' chauvinism.

The women in Death of a Salesman also help reveal the Lomans' natures. Willy Loman is unfaithful to his wife and to himself, and lives his life in dishonesty. His mistress in Boston shows his

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