The Role of the Gods in the Aenied Essay

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The Aeneid: Analysis Essay

In the Aeneid, many Gods play a role in the story. The king of all deities, Jupiter, the divine antagonist of the destiny of Aeneas, and Venus, his main protector and his mother are the main Gods. Lesser Gods such as Mercury, Neptune, and Aeolus serve as instruments for the main Gods to interfere with during the story. The role of the Gods in The Aeneid play a major part in intervening in certain events and delaying Aeneas journey, but nothing can change what Jupiter has decreed will happen, although they alter the way the events transpire.
In book one, the interactions of Gods is clear when Juno is angry that the Trojans are prophesized to destroy her favored city, Carthage. Already having hatred toward the
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For example, when seeing Helen he yearns for revenge due to the falling of his country, even knowing there is no reward or honor in the punishment of a woman. Divine intervention happens here when his mother, Venus, appears and shows him he has more important tasks to do than punishing Helen. Nonetheless, when he learns about his wife’s death, Aeneas “stormed and raged and blamed every god and man that ever was”(Book 2) which directly opposes the idea of pietas. In book four, when he has to give up on Dido to continue his journey, he displays it again.
A prime example of the Gods being able to intervene without interference is the tragic love story Aeneas and Dido shared. Venus requests that her son Cupid use his powers on Dido, the Queen of Carthage, to make her fall in love with Aeneas. By book four, when Dido admits her love for Aeneas, Juno asks Venus to end their rivalry and arranges a marriage, taking advantage of the opportunity to stray Aeneas away from his mission. Even though seeing through her deception Venus’s agrees due to instinct from Aeneas’s happiness, forgetting about the future of the Roman race. The plan is set when Aeneas and Dido take cover in a cove due to a storm called upon by Juno. Virgil says, “This day was the beginning of her death, the first cause of all her sufferings. From now on Dido no longer kept her love a secret but called it marriage”(Book 4). Angry prayers from a king of another land is the reason Jupiter intervenes. He send

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