Role Of Catholic Church In Medieval Life

What was the role of the Catholic Church and religion in medieval life? Which institutions and events were the most significant? Why?
The Catholic Church and religion dominated the lives of people of the medieval period because they had staunch believe that God, heaven and Hell all existed staunch. In the medieval age, the fall of Rome resulted in the church growth in power as they took the role of leadership and the distribution of food to the needed. The church was largely a spiritual institution and a governmental institution with its own laws and lands so they wield political powers. The Catholic Church also imposed taxes and also accepted gifts of all kind from individuals who wanted special favors or wanted to be certain of a place in heaven. The
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This way, he showed an embodiment of his German life embracing the Roman Church doctrine. In Charlemagne's personal life also, he embraced the ideology of an educated man, which was authentically of Roman origin. Regardless of the fact that he was aiming to be a civilized being through education, he and his children all dressed the Frankish way, which was authentically German. Also, he embraced the Old Testament mode of marriage in his personal life. He wasn't a polygamist, but he married more than a time in his life.
The elements of these cultures aided him since the three cultures were at warring ends; so Charlemagne became the point of resolution, showing that there is a way that the three cultures could live in harmony. The three cultures helped him because he was able to synchronize his history, reign, politics, military force and ideology, and also his personal life, to fit into the three cultures. With, these, he was able to settle disputes without making each of them feel

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