Essay The Role Of Student Success And Extracurricular Activities

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During adolescent years’ school becomes a very important aspect of a youth life. The success or failure of a youth during these critical years of social and cognitive development, can affect the choices an individual makes for years to come. Extracurricular activities are organized student activities connected with school usually carrying no academic credit (Wilson). The effects of participating or not participating in extracurricular activities can dramatically affect social skills, academic achievement, youth development, and can also contribute to potential negative effects of participation. Analyzing the relationship between student success and extracurricular activities is important to promote healthy youth development. Benefits of participation in extracurricular activities such as clubs, athletic opportunities, dance, Scouts, drama, youth groups, student council, and club sports can impact what becomes of teens in the future. Adolescence spend more than half of their day in leisure activities, choosing to use this time to participate in activities can lead to social and academic success (Wilson). Half of parents with school-aged children say their kids have played sports, participated in religious instruction, or youth groups, taken lessons in music, dance or art or done volunteer work after school or on weekends (Pew Research Center).
During the transition of human development positive relationships in social situations are key aspects involved with students…

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