The Role of Software Testing in the Development of Quality Software

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The Role of Software Testing in the Development of Quality Software
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In software testing organizations, effective knowledge management of the testing process is the key to improve the quality of software testing. Quality must be built into our products and it can never be tested in after the fact. Although QA has an important role in assuring the quality of our products, their work is entirely indirect. Their role is to influence others in the organization. Testing programs are conducted to ensure that the software application meets the specifications and service level expectations of their product. Testing improves product quality. However, there is rarely enough
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Software management is a set of practices that attempt to achieve the following goals:
• Deliver software products with the expected functionality and quality
• Deliver in the expected timeframe
• Deliver for the expected cost
• Meet expected levels of service during the software’s use
Effective software management is an element of setting and meeting expectations, which requires a software development process that is predictable and that produces consistent outcomes. Testing is one of the software management practices that helps improve predictability and consistency. 2. Goal of Quality assurance
If QA cannot be responsible for adding quality to the product, then what is their role? QA's role is to be management's eyes and ears to understand how well software is being built and to know when corrective actions are needed. The major goal of QA is to deliver software that minimizes defects and meets specified levels of function, reliability, and performance. Quality Assurance makes sure that project will be completed based on the previously agreed specifications, standards and functionality required without defects and possible problems. It observes and tries to improve the development process from the beginning of the project to ensure this. A good, healthy quality assurance process should be overall concerning to

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