The Role Of STEM Education

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The organization STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is involved with education, building training, advancement in technology, engineering, and mathematics to help sustain leadership in this country. For more the half a century the National Science Foundation has been contributing to an international workforce, and innovative STEM organization. The organization prepares students with examinations, and activities to enhance their creativity in these fields.
The vision and mission of Sanctuary 's STEM Education is to focus on Kindergarten thru High School students with expert professionals in mathematics, science, and technology skills. Today, we are extraordinarily situated to make critical obstacles with compelling instruction
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In the past the students in the United States led, and outperformed students from other countries in technology, engineering, and mathematics. Now the American students are now ranked 22nd and 31st among their peers throughout the world, but now students in the STEM organization is closing the statics on their rank to becoming top again (Global, 2015). In the course of recent years the STEM program started offering the additional scholarship support for the system to helped STEM majors, and to enhance the student evaluations. This has helped students who have trouble in entry courses, and bringing about the high volume of graduation rates in colleges. For instance, students in the first semester of math scored are higher, this enable the student to pass their mathematics courses, and dropouts from colleges is …show more content…
The students who participate in other programs like Supplemental Instruction program are less likely to drop out of a STEM science, technology, engineering and math majors, and also less likely to have to repeat classes in science and mathematics (Wired, 2015). The project also helps with researchers to receive feedback from state legislators, to help give reason for research, and provide materials to legislators (Education, 2015). This makes the politicians award of the need to evaluate the education systems, and found strategies that will improve the quality of education. The technology is the big picture to increase the overall education problem of losing students who want to attend colleges, and improve the quality of the teaching, and leadership within the school

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