Essay on The Role Of Policy And Educational Research

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In this assignment I will be looking into Ball’s key points that he raised in the position paper of 2011. Along with that, I will also look at how the views he holds; have evolved in as far as educational research is concerned. To wrap up the assignment, I will be concluding by explaining how my own views about educational research have evolved due to Ball’s articles.

In the article of 1995, Ball questions the relationship between policy and educational research. Ball is concerned that research is slowly becoming a foregone process with known outcomes determined by the government of the day. Ball’s views expose the fluidness of educational research environment; which appears to be driven by the dynamic political landscape. In his article of 2011, Ball questions researchers to rethink their approaches as the schools change to academies and financially bound institutions driven by values and ownership with changing leadership. From the analyses, Ball’s views are leading arguments that allow researchers to open new avenues of thought and therefore evolutionary. I think Ball’s two articles provide a sudden injection of thought provoking impetus into educational research.

In his 2011 paper, Ball elaborates how leadership in education is changing as part of the Conservative led government initiative to reinvigorate the education sector. Academies were set up and acquired by some big corporate companies. Ball talks about the shift from the state educational policy to a diluted…

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