The Role Of Person Centred Care Within The Nursing Background

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In this essay my main focus and topic will be person-centred care. I will describe and define what it is and discuss the importance of developing skills and knowledge as a student nurse that I must adapt throughout my training. I will also look into professional and governed bodies that guide student and qualified nurses to a high standard and rules and regulations they set out to give the best possible care and best evidence practice care to patients. I will also look into the history of person-centred care and how it first came to light. My four examples that I will discuss in detail will be therapeutic relationships, communication, assisting in personal care and the six principles of nursing and how these topics show the importance of person-centred care within the nursing background.

The person-centred approach is a phrase that has long been related to nursing. It was first discovered based on theory and beliefs of Dr Carl Rogers. Dr Carl Ransom Rogers was a psychologist and was one of the creators of the humanistic approach. He had a unique and individual method to understanding personality and human relationships with a holistic approach. He believed that all humans had a great need for approval for other human beings, this could be love and affection from family and friends and the sense of respect from them as well (Thorne.B, Sanders.P, 2013). This statement shows the importance of compassion, dignity and respect when caring for a patient, as it could either have a…

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