The Role Of Palestinian Refugees In Lebanon

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Register to read the introduction… The number of Palestinian refugees was undeniable, to the extent that at a certain time in history 10 percent of the population in Lebanon consisted of Palestinians. Lebanese citizens were not pleased with the number of Palestinian refugees in their country. They saw that the Palestinian refugees will increase the competition on jobs and that they will demote Lebanon's economy rather than upgrade it. Lebanese saw them as a threat to them, so they only allowed Palestinian citizens to work in low class occupations. Furthermore, during the 1960s and 1980 the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was controlled and cofounded in Lebanon. The PLO recruited Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon, and their aim is to maintain armed struggle with Israel. This caused a huge riot to the people living in Lebanon and resulted in an unstable economy. This lead to the southern part of Lebanon to turn into a war zone between the PLO and the Israel defense forces (IDF) for several years, until June 2008, Israel was open to peace negotiations with Lebanon. However, Lebanon still refused the idea of peace as long as Israel is still occupying Palestinian land. …show more content…
They treated them as a part of their community and entitled them to their own rights and freedom. “In Syria, Palestinian refugees are non-citizens, but are provided with full access to employment and social services. Their condition is generally similar to others in the country." (Palestinian Refugees) Syrians saw that it was their duty Arab country to another, to take care and welcome the Palestinian refugees in their country. In addition, Syria also was an active belligerent in the 1967 Arab–Israeli War, which resulted in Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights and the city of Quneitra. On 19 June, a week after the war ended, Israel offered to return the Golan if Syrian would agree to a full Peace Treaty. However, Syria refused. From 1967 to 1973 there were sporadic bouts of fighting along the new border. This caused Syria to be unstable as it was constantly in war with Israel, a huge number of Syrian soldiers have died trying to get back what has taken from them,

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