Essay on The Role Of Music On Spiritual Development Of Peoples

746 Words Mar 11th, 2016 3 Pages
Creating ourselves with Music Personal identity is something that everyone might still be trying to figure out. We create our identities by incorporating our interest, our beliefs, and our culture. Music makes a big contribution to our personal identity. Sandra Ivanovic wrote about the different ways that music influences who we are in her article for the University of East Sarajevo, the article entitled: “Influence of music on spiritual development of peoples.” In the article, it is said that music is important to ones identity because we are able to relate to different emotions and feelings that are being expressed in the music. Ivanovic mentions in her article that music has been influencing individuals’ personalities since ancient times. In the ancient times, the Chinese people did believe that music was an influence on their society and individual personalities. They also believed that music was able to influence their government. The ancient Romans believed that music was a way to express their feelings and to relate with others. The ancient Greeks believed in using music for therapy. Music also has a big role in religion. Many different religions incorporate music. They use music to tell stories and express their feelings. In this article, Ivanovic does mention the modern day music. The music that is being created now has both negative and positive effects on people’s personal identities. She mentions that music can change someone in the way they think, speak, or…

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