The Role Of Ice In Literature

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Ice and how its seen

Ice, frozen water that is very brittle. That is the definition of ice. While it may have one definition it can be interpreted in many different ways around the world. Depending on who you're speaking to they might interpret ice as cold and unforgiving. However, another person might say that ice is the breath of god. The symbolic meaning of ice can be seen in literature with Game of Thrones, Film with Futurama and Batman, art with ice sculptures, religion with Christianity, and architecture with ice buildings.

Ice can be interpreted many ways in art and architecture. In art, ice is represented in ice sculptures. Ice sculpting is the art of using ice as raw material to sculpt shapes that can be realistic or abstract. Ice can be sculpted into animals, people, even things that don’t exist. Architecture is another way ice can be interpreted. Ice buildings have been increasing in recent
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In Christianity, in the bible it states in Job 37:10 “By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast.”. This means that god can control the weather based on what is happening in the world. In “Game of Thrones: A Song Of Ice And Fire” by George R. R. Martin Ice has multiple meanings. Ice can symbolize the potential of death and rigidness when water can’t flow. However, it can also have a positive interpretation. For instance, ice can also be looked at as an unstoppable strength. Another novel that ice has bigger meaning is Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. In the novel, the creator of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein goes to the arctic where he ends his life. The meaning of ice in this instance is cold and unforgiving. Victor has reached a point where he knows he can’t go back. Frankenstein himself also has a moment with ice. In the first few days of Frankenstein existence, he comes across ice in the forest. He views at as the opposite of life,

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