The Role Of Fear In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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In this essay, I will write about about a man who believes that fear should not be an option, and that he should always have faith in his spirits. The man’s name is Okonkwo, he is the main character in the book I’m writing about, “Things Fall Apart,” by Chinua Achebe. The fear he had towards his own kids make it hard to love him. In the beginning of the story he was harsh to everyone, and towards the end of the story he was broken down.
In the beginning, Okonkwo was horrible to everyone around him. On page 10 in the text, Okonkwo waits for her return and when she returned he beat her very heavily. In his anger he had forgotten that it was the Week of Peace. His kids feared him because he wanted them to be strong like him. On page 25, he killed
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On page 68, he showed love for his daughters he had never given the time to get to know. He treated his wives better than he did before he was banished from his village. This shows that when he went away he found the true meaning of life than the knowledge he grew up with. Okonkwo changed so much that the pride he had in the beginning was gone by the end of the story. This shows how his mind was broken down and wasn’t repair back up.
The moral of the story any man can be broken down. Okonkwo was a strong minded man and had pride out of this world. There comes a time when anybody can go through a lot of pain and suffering and be strong. Okonkwo wasn’t as strong as we thought he was because he killed himself.
In conclusion to the story okonkwo became a strong man for himself and his village. While okonkwo has a bad temper he needed to learn to control them. Okonkwo had a big change in his life when he was exile to his mother village. They taught him the true meaning of living life and how to treat other. Even after all of the teaching he became a different man. So after all the time he spent with his mother people he still didn’t learn the

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