Essay on The Role Of Enzyme And The Prokaryotic Cell

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Within the study of microorganisms, two types of cells are observed; eukaryotic cell and the prokaryotic cell. Each of these cell play a different role based on its distinction; in fact, their distinction is the most important distinction among organisms. Carl Woese in the Introduction to the Archaea UCMP website provided research which would divide prokaryotes into the following two groups: archaea and bacteria. Thus, the development of the three domains was created to include archaea, bacteria, and eukaryotic domains. During the course of this Session Long Project I will define the general characteristics which determine whether a prokaryote belongs to the Archaea or Bacteria domain. I will define and discuss the role in which DNA and RNA play in this determination, I will also discuss the role metabolism plays in classifying Nitrosococcus oceani and Nitrosopumilus maritimus as Archaea or Bacteria and finally I will discussion whether these organisms thrive in an environment where crude oil is abundant.

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Prior to the development of the “three domains” concept, planet life consisted of prokaryotes and eukaryotes however Carl Woese provided research which would divide prokaryotes into the following two group’s archae and bacteria. Archaea and bacteria groups differ as the prokaryote are similar in some characteristics but also have unique traits to one another. According to UCMP website archaea are characterized by membranes which are “branched hydrocarbon…

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