The Role Of Death In Dante Alighieri's Inferno

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Death is a part of the human life cycle. Death is an existence that no man or woman can ever escape. We human have the capacity to destroy or create during our time of the living. Several of us believe that what we do here on earth died with us. Others believe that there is another life after death and our action, when we are alive, determine if we go to a higher place or struck down to the bottom of hell. The idea of going to hell does not strike many people as a place that we want to be sent to. We all want to go to the place were pain and suffering are eradicated. However, according to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, even the most well-known people of history somehow found a way to end up in one of the layers of hell. The Inferno is an …show more content…
Dante is human just like the rest of us. He too gets fatigued throughout his journey and has to take a minute and rest. Franke states, “before the gate of the City of Dis, where the difficulties for Dante in his descent through the inferno become humanly insurmountable” (Franke 1). He is terrified at the site of the demons and furies. He is not some super hero with super power, he is just a regular human just like all of us. Virgil realizes that Dante is still alive and protects him as if he was his own blood. At the beginning, Dante is soft and pities the sinners. As he goes through his journey, Virgil toughen up Dante and tells him that the sinners here got what they deserved and should not be pity. Dante in the end is human too. Just because he is someone who has travel to hell and back does not mean he is free of sin. He too is capable of sin. When he is down in hell, he is wrathful when it come to some sinners. The only difference is that Dante is doing it for the love of God, against people already judged as evil. Virgil proves to be an excellent guide as Dante comes out of hell a more knowledgeable person of the sins he, himself, has committed. Virgil in the end helps Dante back on the path of

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