The River In The Inferno Analysis

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Canto 1-
Virgil is the guide for Dante as he travels through Inferno. Virgil represents those that guide us in this life. People that guide us and help us along our way such as parents, teachers, or religious leaders. Most of the time when we need a guide we usually have a guide who is experienced or has been there before. Virgil is a very wise poet and is experienced. Virgil is there to protect Dante as he goes through the depths of Hell. It can symbolize just how a religious leader like a bishop may help someone back on the right path away from sin. Through constant guidance and help that allows the person to steer clear from sin. Same as how Virgil helps Dante steer clear from Danger. Virgil will point out sinners
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It could be an allegory for the obstacles we have in our own lives. Lots of times in our lives we might be going through life and we might be in college, but life might throw a curveball or a river (in dante’s sense) where we might lose the life of a loved one. That would be a very difficult obstacle to get across without help. A river was a good symbolism because when we usually see rivers, our options seem limited. Find a way around or turn around. It is impassable without a way across. The way across is provided by a ferryman. We must find a way across our own obstacles that we have in life. Just as Dante did by a ferryman. When we have obstacles we should find ways around them by either seeking help through others or doing everything we can to get across. I also like how the river can symbolize cleanliness or death. Many people do die from drowning. Water can be scary to people. It makes a good reason to have a scary river in Hell. …show more content…
Experiencing a storm can be difficult to get through when you can’t see and there is rain or snow billowing around you. It really signifies that you are at the mercy of nature and there is not much you can do. If you are caught in a storm you can try to seek shelter, but the storm will still go on until it is finished. Just like how the people who committed lustful sins are trapped in the storm with no way out. They will have to wait until the storm is over which is never. It is for eternity. The storm is perfect for being the symbol of the punishment of lust that the souls have to endure because just like a storm you have no control what happens, the same goes for the souls that had no control over their lustful desires. It is almost ironic that they are now tortured in a similar uncontrolled way, because they were uncontrolled in themselves. Storms are usually cold. Which is the complete opposite of someone who is full of lust. We hear phrases such as “steamy”, “that person is hot” or “Fiery passion” which give the image of warmth and heat. A storm gives the image of damp coldness.

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