The Role Of Database Administrator And The Technical Aspects Of Data

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The Role of Database Administrator

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Spring, 2016

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How to become a DBA? 5
DBA skills requried 6
DBA responsibilities 8
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Organizations define separate roles for the business aspects and the technical aspects of data. The business aspects of data are aligned with data administration, whereas the more technical aspects are handled by database administration. Not every organization has a data administration function. Indeed, many organizations combine data administration into the database administration role. Sometimes organizations also split up the technical aspects of data management, with the DBA responsible for using the DBMS and a system administrator or systems programmer responsible for installing and upgrading the DBMS.
Every organization using a database management system (DBMS) to manage data requires a database administration group to ensure the effective use and deployment of the company’s databases. Since most modern organizations of any size use a DBMS, the need for a database administrator (DBA) is greater today than ever before.…

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