The Role Of An Effective Leadership Within An Organization Essay example

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A. Focus area:
Throughout history, there have been many influential individuals that have demonstrated great leadership. Great individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. George Washington, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi, and Leonardo Da Vinci. There have also been many unknown men and women that have lead fortune 500 companies to succeed. This was all made possible through effective leadership. This paper will address the duties, roles, and responsibilities of an effective leadership within an organization along with traps which leads to unethical behaviors
B. Why is this focus are important to you?
Leaders are required to possess particular skills that would attribute to organizational success. There deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) should be compiled of authority and responsibility which requires them to act or not to act, motivate, and to create acceptance with employees. The authority to command or perform an act in certain designated ways, to directly influence the actions of others, to take responsibility for those actions, and the obligation of an employee to accept a leader’s delegated authority, are skills all leaders need.
Good leadership motivates great followers (employees). There is an old proverbs that states: "If you think you 're leading and no one is following you, then you 're only taking a walk." As a leader, you pattern the way for others to follow. The same is express in leadership and the roles leaders play within an organization. In order for followers to be…

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