The Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture And Economic Development

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Agriculture and industry have traditionally been considered as two separate sectors both in design and for its role in economic growth. It has been estimated that agriculture is the characteristic element of the first stage of development, whereas we used the degree of industrialization as the most relevant indicator of development of a country on the path of development. Furthermore, it has often say that the appropriate development strategy is one that allows more or less gradually move from agriculture to industry, agriculture corresponding to finance the first stage of that step.
However, this view is no longer as appropriate. On the one hand, it has been reconsidered and reevaluated the role of agriculture in the development process from the point of view of their contribution to industrialization and its importance for harmonious development and political and economic stability. Furthermore, agriculture itself has become a form of industry, as technology, vertical integration, marketing and consumer preferences have evolved under systems that fit most profile comparable to industrial sectors, to often with remarkable complexity and
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Therefore, the industries employing feedstock agricultural, fishery and forestry products are a diverse group: from mere conservation (sun drying) and operations closely related to the harvest, to production, using modern methods and large capital investment, items such as textiles, pulp and food industries papel.Las are much more homogeneous and easier to classify than non-food industries, as all their products have the same end use. For example, most conservation techniques are basically similar with respect to the full range of perishable food products such as fruits, vegetables, milk, meat or fish. In fact, the development of the most perishable foodstuffs intended largely

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