Essay on The Role Of Academic Advising For Student Success

808 Words Apr 24th, 2015 4 Pages
The role of academic advising in student success is clear: students who engage with advisors are more successful than those who do not. Still, The University of Rhode Island has not developed an efficient advising system that will support academic advising at the level that is needed for each student. The University of Rhode Island, URI, should help the effort for improved advising across the institution in all department majors and minors. Because student learning and success must be seen as a campus-wide initiative, it is important that all departments involved in advising be part of the planning and delivery of advising services that are effective and efficient. URI should help identify a plan that will allow students to navigate successfully through URI until graduation. In this proposal the following will be identified:1) goals of effective academic advising, 2) major problems in advising and 3) solutions to these problems.
The University of Rhode Island’s academic advising website reads “…specializes in academic advising, whether you have a major or not. We are here to help you make the most of your college experience – both in and out of the classroom…” Throughout my time at The University of Rhode Island, this has proven to be untrue; advisors in several departments have not been accessible, and misinforming students about requirements to graduate. A University’s academic advisor is to make sure that students are aware of every opportunity available to them.…

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