The Role And Role Of Education In India

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INTRODUCTION: EDUCATION IN INDIA Education is very important in India, because it allows them to advance to better jobs, create a positive economic impact and have a more relaxed lifestyle. The educational system is designed to help the students learn at a fast pace and improve their communication skills to be able to adapt to any situation
Education benefits for the Indian citizens.
• Negative consequences of having lower education.
• Education allowing people to help their community.
THE ROLE OF EDUCATION IN THE INDIAN SOCIETY The importance of education has helped India advance in the past few years. In the past, India had private instructors called guru teaching anyone who wished to learn a certain subject. Once the student was accepted
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The students have a set curriculum which is handles by special educational boards throughout the country. They have to learn three languages, English, Hindi and the language they are taught at home. Many states in India have a different language or a different dialects, so having English as a universally recognized language can help people from different states communicate easily.
RELIGION IN INDIA India is a country with many different religion groups, but the most prominent religions in the country are Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. The majority of the major holidays are acknowledged by the members of all the major religions and respect the customs and lifestyles of one another.
• Religion allows groups of people to socialize and have a common meeting place.
• The gods are a good example for people to
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People respect women who are dressed conservatively more than those who do not follow the cultural rules. Over time clothing style has evolved in India and the more developed cities have adopted the western style of dressing and jeans and short skirts are much more common now. Most Indian movies have fashion based on western movies and the youth of India has adopted a new way of dressing according their favorite actors and actresses (Viharini 1). While it is ok to dress as you wish in India it is important to notice what other individuals are wearing around you and try to become accustomed to the ways of the Indian culture while you are

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