The Rocking Horse Winner By. Lawrence, Themes Of Greed And Ultimate

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In stories such as The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence, themes of greed and ultimate

sacrifice are so integral to the plot that one might say they are inseparable. While it is possible to take

the story at face value, a deeper analysis reveals a tale of mystery, the corrupting power of avarice, and

the courage and dedication of a young boy to his family. The selflessness of this young boy, Paul

provides a stark contrast to the empty hunger of greed felt by his house and family. In this essay these

motifs will be analyzed individually, with plentiful time devoted to each so as to accurately interpret

the authors meaning. Moreover, the main theme of the story will be addressed; the dangers of money

and greed on the human psyche.

One of the first characters we are introduced to in The Rocking Horse Winner, is a beautiful

woman from a family of old wealth. Although this woman has two children, a pleasant home, a loving

husband, and beauty, she is never happy. The woman seems to symbolize pessimism, for although she

seems to have nearly all the ingredients for a joyful life, she is indifferent to them, and possessed by a

longing for money. Her expensive tastes and lust for a lavish life seem to outweigh all other sources of

happiness, and so she is constantly in search of a way to make money. Even in her quest for money she

is unable to succeed, for she spends it on things such as expensive Christmas gifts instead of saving.…

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