The Road Of Justice And Justice Essay

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The Road to Justice
The road to justice has many twist and turns, many cleverly disguised paths that lead to dead ends, and continues to narrow the further one travels along the right path. The word justice has many different and conflicting connotations of revenge and being fair. The Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines justice as: The quality of being righteous; rectitude, impartiality; fairness, the quality of being right or correct, sound reason; rightfulness; validity, reward or penalty as deserved; just deserts, and the use of authority and power to uphold what is right, just, or lawful. (“Justice”)
The definition alone has many different meanings that depend on the perspective from which it is viewed. In other words, justice is subjective to perspectives such as, those seeking it, those facing it, and those deemed to decide what is just. First, the perspective of those seeking justice may include feelings of anger, fear, hate, vengeance, and pain as a result of an injustice against them. Inevitably, these feelings affect the perspective of those who feel the need for justice. Yet, decisions that are made by using such feelings are usually associated with the development of captious prejudices. As a result, creating a bias in opinions of what constitutes justice. For example, the famous murder case examined in the documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hill, follows three teenage boys who were incarcerated for almost twenty years…

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