The Risk Of A Crash Increases Essay

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The risk of a crash increases by four when a cell phone is used while driving (Schumaker). It is common to see your fellow drivers on their cell phones. Most know it is not safe, but they continue to use their cell phone while driving. It is becoming a dangerous distraction for drivers. Cell phone usage while driving needs to stop. Is there anything that can help us be safer? Yes, it is Bluetooth. It does not take away your cell phone, but it allows you to use it hands free. All drivers need Bluetooth in their cars. Distractions are dangerous. Distractions in the past were changing the radio channel, changing the CD, or changing a song. Today, we have added cell phones to our distractions. Cell phones are hard to put down anywhere and this includes while driving. It sounds crazy for anyone to be on his or her phone and driving but it is still common for everyone. Thirty-three percent of drivers ages eighteen to sixty-four reported they have read or written a text while driving (Schumaker). Time spent looking away from the road is precious time needed to keep yourself and others safe. The probability that a cell phone was involved in a car crash is one in four (Schumaker). That is too many. Bluetooth is the answer.
What is Bluetooth? The easy answer is that it is a device that gives you access to your phone without using your hands. You talk aloud to your device and tell it what to do and it will do it. You do not have to look down at the phone or pick it up. Here is…

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