The Rise Of Viewing Movies At Cinemas Essay

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2015 was a record breaking year for box office revenues. Considering this fact and the presence of numerous multiplex cinemas scattered about almost every city in the United States, many might be surprised to learn that cinema attendance, as a percentage of the population, is among the lowest it has ever been. This paper will seek to explain this conundrum by examining forces that have impacted the demand of viewing movies at cinemas throughout history.
The Origins of Movie Theaters
Various devices for displaying crude animations and slideshows existed since the 17th century; however, it was not until the late 1800s that film, as it is known today, came into existence. One of the earliest devices for viewing these films was the Kinetoscope, a box with a port for viewing short films. Kinetoscopes quickly spread about the country, and could be found in penny arcades, hotel lobbies, and phonograph parlors. Around the same time, the projector was perfected. The earliest showings of projected film primarily took place in variety shows called vaudeville shows. The films were generally played to fill time in between live performances.
In its early debut in vaudeville and kinetoscopes, film was generally more novelty than entertainment. Due to the technology available, films were very short (often less than 30 seconds) and were simple in nature, generally showing scenes of everyday life without significant story lines. However, as technology advanced, films gained in quality and…

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